2019: New Products

Due to Coronavirus we will only be sending home made face masks and soap (no other products)  within N Z only.  
These items will be sent from my home via N Z Couriers.  

All other items are on hold until further notice.  I will keep you up todate on the pre-order scarves made prior to the shutdown.  
My apologies for any inconvenience 

2019: New Products
Finally have some items to share instore. The Fashion industry is one of the largest pollutant industries in the world and is quite a large ugly beast if you want to get caught up in fast fashion. I've decided to consider my options towards a more sustainable and "slow fashion" brand, so while im building my Kakahu business, ive put together some staple items available instore or online. Hikurere (scarf/shawl) and tees and teeshirt dresses or tall tees for wahine & tane.

Posted: Sunday 31 March 2019