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The attached Glossary is a guide for the terms used on this site. 
It is not meant to provide the full variation of definitions available or exclude any other terms or
dialects used within Aotearoa, but to assist guests to this site in order to cater
to both speakers and non speakers of Te Reo Maori.

(Referenced from 


harakeke NZ Flax
hei Something worn around the neck
iti Small
kaapia Resin


Cards, Gift Cards, Gift tags
kaimahi Workers (contributors, artists, craftspeople)
kakahu Clothing, garment, cloak
motoi Ear ornament made of greenstone
uku Clay, to wash (using clay for soap)
pekapeka Bat
pepe Baby
pounamu Greenstone, something highly prized (type of Jade found in the South Island)
taonga Jewellery (item of treasure, prized item)
tamariki children
tiki First man created
toi, mahi toi Art, craft
wahine Woman
whenua land/earth, placenta

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