Kakahu by Taongahuia

Due to Coronavirus we will only be sending home made face masks and soap (no other products)  within N Z only.  
These items will be sent from my home via N Z Couriers.  

All other items are on hold until further notice.  I will keep you up todate on the pre-order scarves made prior to the shutdown.  
My apologies for any inconvenience 

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  • Tipare
    Contempirary Maori design headbands
  • Mahora Freedom Pants - Pre Orders
    97% Rayon, 3% Spandex lightweight drop pants. Due mid January. Mahora Pants $135. Matching Tipare $25. Raukura L/S Tee $49
  • Māori  Wraps / scarves
    Kahu Huia wraps
  • Tees & Tee Dresses
    Kia Mau! Hi! He hāte roa wēnei mō te wahine rānei, te taane rānei. Tall Tees for men or women, Tee dresses, tees
  • Aho Nuku - Womens wear
    Aho Nuku : Women's clothing and accessories
  • Aho Rangi - Menswear
    More coming soon
    Please refer to your email for Custom Order details. Please choose "not applicable"at the bottom of the shipping drop down menu before completing your order.

"Ahakoa he   he pounamu"