Māori Gifts

Due to Coronavirus we will only be sending home made face masks and soap within N Z only, ahich will be sent from home.

All other items are on hold until further notice .  I will keep you up todate on the pre-order scarves made prior to the shutdown .  My apologies for any inconvenience 

    Contemporary Maori design jewellery by Taongahuia
  • UKU Natural Products
    "UKU" Natural Products are our exclusive range of handcrafted Natural health and body products infused with Native plants and herbs or products made from recycled/repurposed materials.
    A small selection of our favourite Heke Homemade Herbal Healthy Tea Blends
    Lined notebooks for all occasions with matching pens. Great gift for him or her.
  • PEKE
    Peke is a brand of Unique Collectable Handbags made here in Rotorua using sustainable, vintage or recycled materials including harakeke, fabric and other items.
  • POI
    Fabric Poi of various lengths / sizes

"Ahakoa he    he pounamu"